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Provide the information required below , information MUST be utmost accurate

Attach coppies of the above certificates and upload for verification by the vetting committee

Fill in the following required details


Director's Details :(Applicants)

NB: Incase of many directors, kindly make a list and taking the format shown in this form and upolad


(Two directors or sole proprietor or partners from member organizations)

NB: Application fee of Kshs. 1000 will be credited to applicant’s account if
application is successful but will NOT be refunded if unsuccessful

Balance of Kshs.1000 being entrance and subscription fees attached as per
Cash / Postal Order / Bankers Cheque No. .................... Dated ……………………


We are desirous of becoming members of the above named Association and if accepted agree to abide by the Rules,
Regulation, By – laws and Code of Conduct thereof. We are aware that we shall have to pay the Association’s
prescribed entrance fee and annual dues before being accepted as a member.
We certify that the following information is correct and is supplied to provide records as
required to carry out the objects of the Association. We also undertake to furnish the
Association with any changes the following particulars from time to time